'Seljord, Norway, with Redlands Palomino Co About me

I’ve been playing the pedal steel since the late 1990s, since when I’ve also been part of
The Redlands Palomino Co
– hailed as one of the UK’s top country rock/Americana bands.
I have also played on recording sessions for acclaimed performers such as Emily Barker
and Naomi Bedford (on her album Tales From The Weeping Willow – number 4 in Mojo’s best
folk albums of 2011). Live dates have included performing with visiting US artists Gina Villalobos
and James Apollo, plus supporting Sparks with cult London act Gamine, and Rumer with the Golden Retrievers on her 2011 tour. In 2009 I was invited to appear at the ‘Steelin’ Ain’t A Crime’ event at the Luminaire in London, along with pedal steel legends Al Perkins and B J Cole.

Other projects have included the experimental Sore & Steal, in collaboration with Ian Masters
(formerly of 4AD legends the Pale Saints), and a new creative partnership with Claudia Barton (ex-Gamine) with a ‘torch song noir’/film soundtrack vibe. These various projects have encompassed a wide range of musical styles, and I'm especially keen to help push the pedal steel guitar – an incredibly versatile instrument – out of the country-music ghetto. (Not that I have a problem with country music – I love it! The good stuff, that is…)


Gig in CraponneWhat can I do for you?

Whatever your style of music, if you feel it could use the gorgeous, unique sound of the pedal steel, I'd love to help you out. I'm keen to explore the instrument's potential in any genre, although if you're just after a bit of 'country flavour' on a track, I'd be more than happy to provide that too! Please have a listen to the sound clips on this site, which should give an idea of the range of material I've worked on. I will work with you in order to achieve the result you're after. If practical I can attend a studio session; I'm based in London but also have a full-time job, so my ability to do this is somewhat limited. But an alternative option – and one that has yielded good results – is for me to record my part or parts at home and email a high-quality sound file (and any subsequent takes, if required, until you're happy with the outcome). This will work out cheaper and potentially lessen the time constraints that come with working in a studio, too.

Steelin' - The Musician, Leicester, with Redlands Palomino Co What will it cost?

There are quite a few variables involved, so I don't have a 'price list' as such. But I know how tough it is out there these days for us musicians, and so my aim is to keep my fees realistic and reasonable, so if you let me know what you're after musically, we can work something out either based on a fee per track or for a day/half-day recording session.